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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To provide our clients essential tools and timely information related to all aspects of securities trading so that optimal management of their stock portfolios are executed and ideal financial gains are achieved.

Vision Statement

First Orient Securities, Inc. is continually committed to providing excellent investment advice and services for our clients. We are always looking to increase our client base to increase our company's revenue so that we may continue to improve our quality of services. Although we currently operate as a very traditional securities brokerage company, we will not shy away from new methods of engaging our clients and assisting them with their trading needs. In our pursuit for more growth as a brokerage company, we are open to adopting more modern technologies like online trading, to pursue overall improvement of services for our valued clients. The foreseeable future entail major changes, one of which is a move to a new office location, but our mandate will remain the same. We will not waiver from putting our clients at the heart of our business and we will continue to strive to gain the trust and confidence of the investing public.